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AAMP Lunch & Learn 2017 Next Level Email Marketing

Email is a growing marketing channel for brands, publishers and those who value audience development. Numerous studies show e-mail delivers the highest ROI – much higher than banners, social and search. But it’s easy to execute your e-mail strategy poorly, over-mail your list and your market, and fatigue your audience out of your promotions and revenue stream.

Stuart will demonstrate best practices that will:

  • Keep your emails at the top of the inbox
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • How to capture the e-mail of a new customer
  • How to create e-mails that get opened and clicked
  • How to enhance email deliverability
  • How to properly list target, email testing, mobile interaction, and other avenues to email success

Prime Publishing has increased its active email database from 2.1 million to 7.5 million consumers – a 357% increase – in just 5 years! Find out how – don’t miss this interactive presentation and networking lunch!


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