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AAMP Member Spotlight – Becky Fenton

Becky Fenton - Audience Development Manager with Bobit Business Media.This issue’s  AAMP Member Spotlight is with Becky Fenton, Audience Development Manager with Bobit Business Media.

Becky is a 15 year media industry professional who has worked at some of the top B2B media firms in the business including Bobit, 1105 and Reed Business just to name a few.  Her experience has provided her a unique vision into audience engagement, campaign management and segmentation with brands in the print, online and event channels 

How has COVID most impacted your organization?

Like most in our industry, we’ve experienced some painful changes within our organization. We are all stepping up and taking on extra tasks to help navigate through the current challenges. 

How has your organization changed your audience marketing efforts because of COVID

We’re focusing on digital efforts and digging deep in our marketing toolbox to come up with creative, cost effective ways to reach our audience. We’re ramping up automated marketing journeys, and using all of the tools our fulfillment company, Omeda, has to offer.

Biggest challenges facing your brands right now:

Making decisions on in-person events is challenging; we are working with our attendees and vendors to make the best decision possible for all.

Biggest opportunities for your brands right now:

We are helping our subscribers with COVID specific webinars, and finding new advertisers to reach our subscribers with items to help their businesses, like mobile hand washing stations.  

Where do you get most of your industry-related information? (i.e. Other associations, webinars, websites, newspaper or magazine titles)

Omeda Webinars, Publishing Executive, Folio 

How can AAMP and similar organizations best help you in 2020?

Case studies or helping identify things that worked to help companies through this are always of interest

What book, movie, or show have you most recently finished?

And why did you like it? just finished the book Where the Crawdad’s Sing in one day – the prose was profound.  It made you feel like you could smell, feel, and see everything the author was describing. Outstanding book!

If you could go on vacation right now, where would you go?

I’m picturing a cabin on a lake – keep up the social distancing!

Where do you see yourself (or your company) in 2021?

While this time has been hard, it’s also been a great way to challenge myself to move beyond “how we’ve always done things”. With the communication, collaboration, and openess of my colleagues to innovative ideas, I see myself and Bobit continuing our goal of giving our audiences the best content and user experiences possible in 2021 and beyond.