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Thursday, Sept 20, 2018


Sponsored by Adestra

Long Beach Marriott, Rickenbacker Room
September 20, 2018
11:00 am – 2:00 pm


Are you doing all you can to drive audience revenue?

The common (over) reliance on email outreach can lead to sloppy marketing and forgetting what really matters to your readers: message relevancy and personalized content.  Focused marketing improves your list building, conversions, and data-based revenue growth (for your company AND your advertisers). But how do you get there?

Join Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing at Adestra, for a (pitch free!) lively lunch discussion around First-Person Marketing using data to unlock possibilities in your email programs. 

Ryan will describe how data-driven intelligence can help you build highly targeted and personalized campaigns, engaging (and keeping) qualified and valuable subscribers in your file for conversions and revenue!

By the end of lunch, you’ll understand how to:

  • Use advanced segmentation models, including training your readers to self-segment (less work for you)
  • Build stronger reader relationships using dynamic content (less manual email tweaks)
  • Take advantage of automated features such as triggers to lighten your workload (more time to get strategic with your marketing plan)
  • Recognize and leverage low-hanging opportunities that most email marketers miss ($$$)

PLUS – Ryan will share real world examples from brands using First-Person Marketing tactics to realize amazing email campaign results and incredible ROI!

Network with your audience development peers over some lunch and take immediately actionable ideas back to the office. Register now!



Ryan Phelan
VP of Marketing
Data-Driven Email Marketing Super Strategies!

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