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Consultant’s Corner – April 2016

CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – April 2016 This month’s tip comes from Mike Popalardo, Principal, Next Steps Marketing in San Francisco, CA. The secret to getting more email click-thrus… If only email marketing was as easy as [...]

Consultant’s Corner – February 2016

CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – February 2016 This month’s tip comes from Jerry G. Guttman Tips to More Accurately Forecast Revenue Here are some tips to help with budgets: 1) Rely on historical data to predict subscription [...]

2016 Keynote Speaker Alex Ford

KEYNOTE SPEAKER ALEX FORD CEO, Praetorian Digital Praetoriangroup.com, San Francisco, CA SPEAKER BIO: Alex Ford is CEO of Praetorian Digital, the leading digital media company in public safety and local government. Alex successfully built the [...]

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