2016 AAMP Conference Agenda

//2016 AAMP Conference Agenda

2016 AAMP Conference Agenda

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SESSION ONE: 8:30AM – 9:30AM

The Power of the Unified Audience Database – EMPIRE ROOM

April Deutmeyer, Director of Data, Scranton Gillette Communications

A 360 degree view of customers is essential in today’s marketplace and unified customer data can save both time and marketing costs in determining the best channels and offers for maximum ROI from your audience. April will demonstrate how she acquired new qualified print subscribers using UAD tools to align Scranton Gillette’s newsletter, webinar and event audience demographics, behavior and website activity, saving thousands of dollars in marketing costs along the way.

Marketing Tactics for Maximum Revenue – GARDEN ROOM

Anna Magzanyan, VP, Events & Partners, LA Business Journal

Sean Nakamura, Director,  Audience Development, AFAR Media

As companies “un-silo”, marketers are supporting all brand channels, including sales programs and online initiatives. This session will take a look at how to use and develop web traffic, segmentation, online promotions and engagement, and other tactics to control the marketing funnel flow to end result conversions. Learn how to efficiently maximize your audience outreach to support sales programs like lead gen, drive audience opt-in and signup, and increase ROI on all your marketing campaigns.

Events 101 – FLEET ROOM

Carl Landau, Grand Poobah, Niche Media

Ready to launch an event, or improve the one you have? Learn from the master as Carl discusses event creation, operational aspects, speaker development, sponsor support and more! Understand how the event process works to develop your events and tie in marketing efforts for success.

SESSION TWO: 10:00AM – 11:00AM



Database & Fulfillment: Joyce Neth, VP, Director of Audience Development & Research, WATT Global Media
Email Marketing: Mike Popalardo, Principal, Next Steps Marketing
New Audience Ideas: Chris DeMartine, EVP, Data & Media Services, Statlistics
Online Marketing: Thea Selby, Principal, Next Steps Marketing
Telemarketing & Direct Mail: Greg Wolfe, President, Circulation Specialists, Inc.

SESSION THREE: 11:30AM – 12:30PM

Building & Mining Your Database for Success – EMPIRE ROOM

Audrey Congleton, 5280 Magazine

Explore how to implement your database to get a 360 view of your audience engagement with your brand across all products. You’ll learn the best ways to acquire valuable audience data through a variety of tactics including contests, sweepstakes, voting, events, and birthday clubs. Audrey will also take a look at using this data for more effective promotions, and ways to monetize data for additional revenue.

Digital Marketing Done Right – GARDEN ROOM

James Pellizzi, VP, Marketing Automation, Layer One Media

True marketing automation is beyond just an e-mail blast tool. It’s a term that encompasses a collection of technologies that allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. Think e-mail marketing, dynamic landing pages, scoring models and CRM integration. Learn how to get started and bring marketing automation into your organization.

Monetizing Website & Online Data – PRESIDENT’S LOUNGE

Praveena Khatri, Vice President of Marketing, Swiftype

It’s no myth that your website can make money, but how can you work with what you have to drive traffic and keep visitors engaged without killing them with pop up ads? Walk through the challenges publishers are facing with monetization, leveraging analytics to improve their website performance, and improving search to create new revenue opportunities.

Event Marketing Mania! – FLEET ROOM

Carl Landau, Grand Poobah, Niche Media

Supercharge your event marketing by leveraging your brand to the max! Carl will show you how to create the perfect event marketing mix with your event website, direct mail, e-marketing, webinars, video, social and lots more. Plus, learn how to target and use audience segments to maximize event attendance and revenue.


12:30PM – 2:30PM – Keynote Lunch

Cutting through the Noise: Business Model Innovations to Expand Your Audience

Alex Ford – CEO, Praetorian Digital

With more outreach channels and business model options than ever before, and leaner teams, companies can get bogged down trying to do it all and lose sight of their ultimate goal: to cultivate and serve their audiences. Alex will address cutting through today’s marketing noise to realize your audience goals and build additional points of monetization with limited internal resources – all while staying on top of developing technologies and cool new ideas.



Painless Social Media Reporting – GARDEN ROOM

Michael Wiegand, Analytics Architect, Portent

Having trouble managing your tweets, posts, blogs, and other social accounts? Learn easy ways to track and report on all your social media, including an intro to Google Data Studio and the amazing dashboards available within this new tool. Michael will also share how to tag your social campaigns (paid or unpaid) to get the most insight for nimble decisions and maximum return.

Telemarketing Roadmap to Results – PRESIDENT’S LOUNGE

Delicia Poole, Audience Marketing Director, Grand View Media

Andrew Strasser, Sr Account Manager, California Marketing Group

Telemarketing gets results! More marketers are successfully returning to or increasing their use of this channel to take pressure off their email campaigns and overworked databases. This session will look at the ins and outs of telemarketing today, including cost efficiencies, audit rules, assessing telemarketing vendors, and strategies to optimize your campaigns. Get a refresher on this tried and true marketing channel – including things you might not know.

Keys to Webinar Success – FLEET ROOM

Lee Hacohen, VP, Marketing Solutions, ON24

Webinars are a cost-effective channel to feature brand or advertiser thought leadership, plus grow your audience and revenue. But generating high-value content to attract the right attendees is not an easy process – just because you build it does not mean the audience will come. In this session, you’ll learn the keys to creating high-engagement webinars, how to incorporate best practices from the recently released Webinar Benchmark Report, and strategies for engaging the best webinar attendees for your database growth initiatives and advertiser lead programs.

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