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Thanks for attending AAMP Conference! Download the slides from the sessions you attended or the great one you missed here. AAMP Conference sessions focused on Audience Development, Marketing Essentials, and Online & Digital Strategies

The Evolution and Revolution within the Audience and Marketer Dynamic
Mike Marchesano
Managing Director, ABM
How audiences today are changing the way they consume information and what it means for media companies, audience marketing professionals, their content offerings, and customers.
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Audience Development

How to Better Utilize your Brand's Customer Touch Points to Build Audience Relationships
Cindy Cardinal
CC Communications
There are many places that your customers have active involvement with your brand: when they sign up for a subscription, register for an event, become members of a site, follow your brand on social media. Learn ways to examine your current touch points, the messages or lack there of, and develop consistent messages to help build and maintain your audience.
Adding Value:
Audience First

Joyce Neth
VP, Audience Development & Research
WATT Global Media

Toni Nevitt
eMedia Advantage
Toni and Joyce will present a case study of WATT Global Media’s ongoing journey from operating as a “product-centric” company to embracing an “audience-centric” approach as it undergoes a cultural and business shift to become an “Audience First” leader in its markets.Download Slides
Innovation Outliers:
Successful New Ways to Grow Your Audience

Andrew Majewski
Principal/Creative Director
AdSpace Communications
Discover the transformative opportunities top publishers are leveraging to build their audiences. A member of The Economist’s Innovation Group will be on hand to share in-house insights — while representatives from creative services agency AdSpace Communications, Inc. give a wider, industry view of what new prospecting strategies are worth your attention and investment.Download slides
Live Together, Die Alone:
Use All Your Departments to Build Digital and Print Audiences

Andy Smith
Marketing Director
Creative Age Publications
Get tips and tricks for developing audiences for your websites, social media, digital editions and more. Use what you learn from them to help Editorial, Art and Sales produce more popular offerings. Hear more spoiler-free references from the TV series LOST.Download Slides


Marketing Essentials

Big Data Marketing Strategies
Matt Gussin
Sales Director, Southwest Region
In this session, Quantcast will discuss how you can utilize big data and machine learning to find and retain new and prospective customers online. Download slides
Is Blast for the Past?
JT Wheeler
Channel Account Executive
On the face of it, sending email blasts on behalf of advertisers sounds like the perfect model. You build a large audience, set your sales team loose, and let the checks roll in. The reality is that "blasting" has many subtle but serious risks. We will discuss the risks, such as subscriber attrition and deliverability. We will then discuss what other industries such as retail have done to evolve their email programs beyond blasting. Finally, we will make a set of recommendations that every media owner can implement within 30 days.
The Ups and Downs of Deploying a Marketing Automation Program
Tony Shaw
CEO & Founder

Shannon Kempe
Executive Editor
We're a small publisher and event producer, but we always knew we needed a better way to manage our electronic marketing programs – something more comprehensive, more rigorous, more systemic, more automated, and more measurable. And after researching a number of marketing automation systems, we decided to jump in with both feet. It’s been two years so far, and we’re seeing many benefits, but there have also been many hard-won and costly lessons along the way. This presentation will share some of those successes and failures, and offer advice on what we would do differently next time. Topics we’ll cover include:

- The overall strategy
- Coming to grips with the complexity of automation systems
- Frustrations in the start-up phase
- Getting things rolled out and systematized
- Early successes with emails, data collection and integration
- Hitting a plateau, and how we got past it to climb higher
- Near-disasters and super-annoying problems we encountered along the way
- What has the payoff been so far, and where do we expect it to be in future?
10 things you should be doing to acquire paying and engaged users
Andrew Degenholtz
Founder & President
ValueMags & eMagazines
Congratulations on building your new app! So, now what? With thousands of new apps launching every day, you need to find ways to get noticed, get downloads, and measure the impact of your traffic sources. Regardless of the nature of your mobile marketing strategy, there are some things that all mobile app marketers should be doing. Join us as we share the 10 essential things you should be doing to acquire paying and engaged users.Download slides


Online & Digital Strategies

The Future of Digital PublishingShaun Mehr
Shaun Mehr
Executive Vice President
Sprocket Media

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
VP and General Manager of Publishing Technologies
Sprocket Media
Who better to predict the future of digital publishing than one of the top brands in the technology sector? Shaun Mehr and Kevin Kennedy discuss how Oracle Publishing Group develops its digital audience as well as innovations coming in the near future. They cover trends, best practices and Oracle’s own wins and losses.Download slides
Paywall Strategies
Kristi Dougherty
General Manager
1105 Media
Paywalls: Golden Goose or Brand Killer? Paywalls have come and gone, touted as either brilliant revenue solutions or website destroyers. The truth lies somewhere in between. Is your website a good candidate for a paywall strategy?

Evaluate your brand’s “paywall-ability”, learn how to sell the concept to your audience, plan your paywall strategy and maintenance, and get helpful checklists for marketing, technology, and fulfillment tactics.
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Best Practices for App Marketing
Maire Walsh
VP, Sales & Marketing
Next Steps Marketing
The app marketplace is an increasingly competitive ecosystem. With over 1 million iOS and Android apps, discovery is the #1 issue for app developers of all sizes. This session will focus on magazine apps and best practices for app marketing.Download slides
What Magazines Can Learn from Our Subscription Sales Colleagues in the News MediaJohn Rockwell
Director of Subscription Sales and Retention
San Francisco Chronicle
Despite selling similar products, the ways that subscription marketers work on newspaper properties vs. magazine properties are surprisingly different. From subscription fulfillment to marketing practices to managing the shift to digital, newspaper sales/marketing strategies and tactics can offer valuable knowledge for magazines.