Consultant’s Corner – May 2016

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CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – May 2016 This month’s helpful advice comes from Elaine Tyson, President of Tyson Associates, Inc. You can’t overestimate the importance of renewals to magazine publishers. This should be the magazine’s most profitable source of subscription business. For controlled publications, good requalifications (renewals by any other name) insure meeting your analyzed issue objectives [...]

Consultant’s Corner – April 2016

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CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – April 2016 This month’s tip comes from Mike Popalardo, Principal, Next Steps Marketing in San Francisco, CA. The secret to getting more email click-thrus… If only email marketing was as easy as “If you build it, they will come” or perhaps more appropriately in the case of email — “if you send [...]

Consultant’s Corner – February 2016

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CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – February 2016 This month’s tip comes from Jerry G. Guttman Tips to More Accurately Forecast Revenue Here are some tips to help with budgets: 1) Rely on historical data to predict subscription revenue. Using one’s own publication, subscribers can be more reliable than other revenue sources. Budgeting has never been harder. And [...]

Consultant’s Corner – January 2016

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CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – January 2016 This month’s tip comes from Rebecca Sterner. How to Sell Magazine Subscriptions. There are two different models for publishing: Controlled circulation – magazines are only sent to subscriber who meet certain criteria, often for free, established to meet an advertising strategy. For example, Boating Industry News is sent only to [...]

Consultant’s Corner – December 2015

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CONSULTANTS’ CORNER (by ESP) – December 2015 This month’s tip comes from Rebecca Sterner. Social Media for Magazines Magazine publishers are working hard to figure out exactly how to harness the branding and marketing power of social media platforms. It is unlike anything else they have ever done to build their brand. In order to benefit the [...]