The Friday Four – Kati Tucker and Tony Napoleone

/The Friday Four – Kati Tucker and Tony Napoleone
The Friday Four – Kati Tucker and Tony Napoleone 2018-09-07T13:56:25+00:00

September 7, 2018

Audience data is hot! Advertisers want it, internal strategy requires it, and the pressure is on audience developers to build engaged lists that drive revenue. In this week’s Friday Four, Kati Tucker (Director of Audience Development, Bobit Business Media) and Tony Napoleone (VP, Client Success, Omeda) share tips for managing audience data so everyone wins!

Let’s kick it off with controversy! Who owns, or should own, audience data at a company?

“The short answer is EVERYONE. The entire company should have some level of ownership.

It’s important for editorial to be involved to know what people are reading and sharing so that they can deliver content that resonates. Sales needs to have a voice since they know who advertisers are looking to reach.

You still need a gatekeeper – that is where audience development comes in.”

What’s your #1 tactic to stop “database wars” and create a cohesive internal policy around using audience data?

“Hire an audience data director! Or if you can’t hire a data director, appoint someone on the Audience Development team to be the data expert. You need a single point of contact that can lead/oversee tactics and strategic decisions.

In the age of compliance (CASL, GDPR, CCPA, etc.) it isn’t just best practices anymore. There are significant and substantial penalties for misunderstanding or interpreting the laws as they relate to your organization.”

Can audience data sell on its own, or should it just be a driver behind other ad sales products?
“Subscriptions are back! A recurring subscription revenue model is a very appealing product and should certainly be considered in addition to using data to supplement existing products (print, digital, or events). Not only do subscriptions provide more predictable revenue, they are highly valued revenue streams by outside investment companies.”
#FridayFavorites: Adult beverage?
“If you want to bribe us at the bar later on in the night for more audience data insight, Tony will take a beer and Kati will take a glass of champagne!”    
Kati and Tony will share a success plan for audience revenue in their session The Dos & Don’ts of Monetizing Audience Data at the AAMP Conference (Oct 18, downtown Los Angeles). See you there!