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August 10, 2018

Fighting to understand the new data compliance requirements? Patrick Crane of BlueConic gets it! Check out this week’s Friday Four with Patrick for compliance insights.

Holy regulations, Batman! This has certainly been the Year of Compliance. Overkill or a necessary change?

“While I don’t agree with everything being done, I think it’s a necessary and needed change. Events like the Cambridge Analytica scandal have revealed just how much we expose on the internet, and I think a course correction back to consumer control Is a good thing. I actually think savvy companies will see this year’s regulatory changes as an opportunity, rather than a threat.”

Are audience marketers effectively addressing GDPR and the CA Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? What could they be doing better?

“Overall, I think marketers are still misunderstanding what the GDPR actually requires. If all you did to prepare was put up a cookie consent banner on your site, you’re not doing enough.”

What else is coming down the pipeline for data compliance?

“We’ve seen reports that the Trump Administration is putting together a task force to evaluate what a GDPR type regulation would look like for the USA. I think that is still some ways away, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see more CCPA style laws in State Houses over the next year.”

#FridayFavorites: What’s your favorite sports team?

“Liverpool Football Club, hands down. Before I was at BlueConic I worked over in the UK in sport development and had a chance to go see a match at Anfield. Absolutely magical experience and I hope to get back there again someday.”

Patrick will discuss the state of data compliance (and the silver lining to all this work!) in his session Data Compliance Update: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly at the AAMP Conference (Oct 18, downtown Los Angeles). See you there!